Koh Chang Island-Hopping & Snorkeling

Koh Yak Lek
There are many whole day or half day island-hopping and snorkeling tour operators that take you to 4 or 5 islands south of Koh Chang start at 550-1200+ baht per person. You can sign up at any tour desk around town a day beforehand.

We chose Sattra Tour's day trip to 4 islands for 550 baht :

                                     ☼ Koh Yak Yai
                                     ☼ Koh Yak Lek
                                     ☼ Koh Rang
                                     ☼ Koh Wai
After a songthaew picked us up outside the hotel in the morning, we headed towards Bang Bao Pier where a blue medium-sized 2-storey boat with western toilets was waiting. The view going south to the islands is very nice.
Koh Yak Yai

Snorkeling by a very small rocky "island" with corals and a variety of sea life underneath.
Ko Yak Yai Koh Yak Yai
l u n c h
Sattra Tour lunch
Koh Yak Lek

Snorkeling and swimming in the most incredible clear water. Tropical paradise!
Ko Yak Lek Ko Yak Lek
Koh Rang

A very short ride to another small rocky "island" with corals and fish under.
Ko Rang
Koh Wai
Koh Wai
Koh Wai Koh Chang
Island with a sandy beach for more snorkeling
& swimming in ultra clear shallow water!

Ko Wai